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Thursday, February 14, 2019

The LG G8 has a vibrating OLED screen for a speaker

LG is continuing its drip-feed of pre-announcement G8 ThinQ announcements today with some news on the phone’s audio capabilities. 

The phone uses the same “Crystal Sound OLED” branding that LG has used on some of its TVs before; this means that the entire display will vibrate to work as a speaker, which was previously rumored. The news also confirms that the G8 will be the first flagship G-series phone not to use an LCD.

The G8 still has a bottom-facing speaker for louder use cases like speakerphone calls, and LG says this can be paired with the top part of the screen for 2-channel stereo sound.

 Elsewhere, the signature quad DAC from LG’s recent flagship phones returns — which means there’ll be a headphone jack — as does the “Boombox Speaker” functionality that produces surprisingly bassy sound when the phone is placed on a table.

LG has already confirmed that the G8 will have a front-facing 3D camera with a time-of-flight sensor, while rumors suggest there could be an optional second screen accessory. The phone will be announced again/in full ahead of Mobile World Congress later this month.

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