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Monday, February 13, 2017

Games That Get You Fit

Tech as gone Viral in our world with many things now how days. you can now do most things with just a click. Well in this short article we will be discussing about one or two Games that get you fit..Like for real.

What better way to stay in shape than to play a game? Apps like Zombies, Run! and Fitocracy offer a fun and entertaining way to stay active. The Zombies, Run! app is one of the most interesting fitness apps available today. Not only are you told a story while running, you are living it.

The app gives you "missions" to complete as your run, like picking up supplies (fake supplies, of course). Your mission takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, which means you will sometimes hear and be chased by zombies, and the game doesn't end once your workout does. The virtual supplies you picked up on your run can be used to help strengthen your base and community to survive the hordes of zombies.

Zombies, Run! is available for free on Android and iOS with additional in-app purchases

Another app you may want to check out is Fitocracy, an MMORPG-inspired fitness gaming app and social network. Each time you log a workout you earn points that will help you level up. The idea is similar to a game like World of Warcraft, but rather than controlling an orc or an elf, you are the character.

The company's database also explains how to do many different workouts. This includes simple exercise moves like a plank or pull-up to more complicated ones like a stiff-leg deadlift. These videos are especially helpful if you're a first-time gym-goer. 

You can use Fitocracy on the Web and with the free Android and iOS apps. well this is all we know but i know there are more..hidden one and you are free to comment below it counts.

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