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Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Make Your Andriod Phone Work Faster

Android phones currently is the most used smart phone operating system in the whole world growing vast in the industries.

Many people are using Android phones today because of how easy it is to use and due to some of the already made apps (both free and paid) that are all available on Android market to easily solve our problems or carry out our activities.

In this article I am going to show you how you are going to increase the speed of your smart phone and some of the changes you need to make in other to enable your phone respond to your command with less or zero lag.

You can make your Android phone more faster than it is currently. We have been talking about making changes, what are those changes that you need to make this work?

1.Remove Third Party Launcher

Go Launcher, Google Launcher and Nova Launcher etc, though pretty awesome and gives our phone a nice and awesome look has a side effect on a smartphone especially on the Speed and performance aspect.

Because launchers are always running in the background , they consume a lot of RAM and CPU which in-turn make your phone very slow at start.

So if your phone as a Ram of 512MB or 1GB of RAM it is wise you remove/delete the third party launcher which you downloaded and stick to the Original Launcher that came from the Manufacturer.

2.Uninstall Un-important Apps

Some people install every app they come across either on the internet or on Their friends mobile just because their friend or majority of people are using the app without knowing what it actually does, some even install the same app that are been use for the same stufz, thus stuffing they mobile phone with a lot of irrelevant apps which sucks part of the remaining RAM on the phone and then slows it down.

If you fall in this category, go through your app list and delete irrelevant apps that you have on your phone which is of no use or little use to you.

By doing this you will free some of the RAM which were initially occupied by those apps and in-turn increase the processing speed and multi-tasking ability of your phone.

3. Use a Pretty Decent Anti -Virus

Some virus or malware if accumulated or penetrate to a phone can slow down the speed and performance of the phone because they keep running on the menu background of the phone .

To solve this kind of Problem, Installing a good and low consuming power anti-virus can help a lot to fight and remove some Douche Bag Virus or Malware that is not allowing your phone to do its job.

If you correctly follow those steps above, you will see some tremendous changes in your phone.

That's it guys on how you can speed up your Android Smartphone.
Are you still having any problem after applying the above? Tell us about it below and we can be of help to you.

4. Limit Open Apps

This requires you to reduce the number of apps that is running at the same time especially by closing open apps which you are no more using.

This works pretty well if your phone's RAM is low and closes your app when you minimize it just to check something.

So always remember to close an app whenever you are done using it so that it won't take part of the RAM and crash your next open app when you minimize.

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