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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Do You Really Have To Blog?

Many at times we try to exaggerate blog has a money making platforms. yes i will agree with you because you can make a cool amount of cash by blogging. But the fact stills remain quite amazing.

Why Do You Want To Blog?

   Is it because of the cash or what exactly? Remember you can't wake up a day and say you want to build a house and achieve that house that same day no is totally impossible. Most at time i just think and ask myself what kind of mentality do most blogger have am sorry to say but some posses a cynicism autocratic sense of reasoning.  i may be part still figuring it out. But you should for no reasoning open a blog because you see Mr A making a cool cash from it cos, time will tell  when you will be frustrated but the reason why you want to open a blog base on a good reasoning will keep you motivated.

Never you open a blog because you think its the easiest way of making huge amount of money. Check the life of those popular bloggers they never went into blogging because of the cash they want to get from it rather they create a blog to pass out a vital information.

A popular blogger once said he open a blog just to pass out an exam but rather the blog not only help him to pass the exam, but  also provide or let me use the word produce cool cash for him because he provide quality information about the exam to others.

So i will say if you really want to blog you need to have a good intention of blogging. Not because it a money making platform no... not at all. You just need is to be patient if really you want to blog for the money aspect cos it will come to a time you will be frustrated you don't worry just grow your audience improve you article and then you will see the magic.  

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