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Sunday, January 1, 2017

How To Make And Achieve Your Financial Goals. 3 Great Tips

 How to make and achieve your financial goals to improve your financial goal in 2017.  Really depends on your mental ability.

I’m not fond of “need to” or “should do” when it comes to getting your finances in shape. Rather, I believe in keeping things simple and working toward what you want designing yourself to suit a certain situation.

What’s more, I prefer the word goals over resolutions. Goals are personal and give you direction. Goals change as your priorities change. Goals are based on what you want to accomplish, not what you think you should do. Very few people succeed for any length of time with “should dos.”

To set goals, here’s how to get started.

1. Get a piece of paper and three index cards and call a family meeting.

Couples should make joint goals, and a family should gather input from everyone old enough to contribute their ideas. Now the hard part —make a list of what you want. This is as hard as it gets. Sometimes it really is difficult to determine what you want. Write down everything that everyone suggests. The only rule is you have to be specific. For example, financial stability is not a specific goal, but paying off a credit card is building house and lot more.

Note One major thing you must tackle is To keep life from disrupting your goals. Don’t let your environment to overwhelm you. Don’t mind the economy situation. Rather fight for your goals. Build your own savings account no matter how small.

Let do this simple arithmetic if you earn a little no matter how little you earn you can save 30% from it now calculate how much you will have to in the next five month. You see it takes discipline and the right mindset to achieve what you want.  

2. Work with what you have planned.

You just don’t sit there doing noting and expecting something to happen. After planning what you want to achieve stand up. Work with what you have planned; build your subconscious mind to a kind of satisfaction you really want it to be. If you can teach why waiting to work in a big company you can become a home tutor. Or think of any business to do. Some say you really need to be financially strong. But it’s a lie.

Have seen many start a business with little capital or no capital and now there are somewhere in the word. You can do it believe in your self.
Look for what your environment wants and provide it for them. People may blast you or call you all sort of name but never mind you will get there.

3. Spend less.

Yes planned less you can do this. If you are a discipline type. Before you collect your monthly allowance draw a shit planned with what you need and pick the most important one. 

Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Now it’s time to narrow down the goals that you truly want your family to accomplish. Don’t forget to include some family fun in your goals as it is important to have balance in your financial life. Transfer this list to your index cards. All three index cards should have the same items on them in the same order. At the top of the card write 2019. You now have your goal card.

Keep one card for yourself, give one to your significant other, and leave one where you will see it often; the refrigerator or the computer are both good options. Keep your own card in your wallet or checkbook — wherever you will see it when you spend money.

Your mind now knows what it wants and will set out to accomplish it. You will have set backs; we all do. But keep your goal card with you, and it will help you get back on track to what you and your family want to accomplish. When you get your tax return or come into extra money, you will have a plan for it because you have goals you want to reach. On the other hand, when you get an urge to buy what your friend has, you will be able to refocus on what you want — not what someone else has.

It truly is as simple as writing down what you want on an index card and keeping it with you. Try it and you will be amazed by how much you have accomplished by the end of 2019. The choice is yours.

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