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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You Only Need a Selfie To Enter This Tourist Destination

You don't need to bring a ticket of any kind of identification, get your hand stamped or flash a driver's license for admission to one tourist destination in China. All visitors need is
something they can't lose — their face.

Baidu, a Chinese tech company, began testing facial recognition technology last week in Wuzhen, a historic town with classic canals and architecture.

 The area receives millions of visitors each year. The technology has shortened wait times and added convenience for guests. So far feedback has been positive, according to Baidu (BIDU, Tech30) and the Wuzhen Tourism Co. 

When a visitor arrives, their photo is taken and uploaded to a database as seen above. When he or she attempts to access certain parts of the town, a tablet attached to the entry gates records video.

 It then send a few frames to the cloud, where artificial intelligence identifies if the person seeking access is authorized. This all happens in 0.6 of a second, according to Baidu. The technology is accurate 99.77% of the time. 

 You always have your face with you," Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng told CNNMoney. "Facial recognition, while not a panacea, has a lot of strengths that other authentication methods don't." Meanwhile, some iris-scanning technology can be tricked by printing out a photo of a human eye.

Baidu's technology, however, detects when a person isn't live so someone can't beat the system. Baidu isn't the only company using a person's face for authentication. Microsoft lets users sign into some of its Surface tablets with facial recognition technology.

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