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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Product Of The Year Runners-Up: 2016

This are the year runners up product for 2016

*Lenovo Yoga Book.

Varonis: This product and itsentire class of intrusion and behavior monitoring tools could have changed the U.S. election outcome, had both the U.S. government and DNC had used them.

 Varonis would have prevented the hack of the DNC (and other) email servers. However, it wasn't used and didn't have the impact it should have had (granted, if it had, we never would have known).
(By the way, Varonis has posted a series of videos on how to secure your home for the holidays that is worth watching, and it's free.)

*Dell XPS 13.

The XPS 13 is a nice balance of size, style,
battery life and functionality, with the only
downside being the lack of a good fingerprint

*BlackBerry DTEK 60:

 This phone showcased that you actually could have a secure BlackBerry. Thin and with glass on both sides, a decent camera, a fingerprint sensor (sensibly placed on the back of the camera, not the front), and a full Android
implementation, this is the phone that BlackBerry should have made a long time ago, and it has been serving me as my primary phone ever since I got it.
In a world increasingly defined by breaches, this phone is a godsend because it is secure.

*The Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon echo is the product Apple should have built. The Dot and its siblings have everyone from Google to Microsoft and Intel, among others,
looking to build similar offerings. It is the critical link between homeowners and their Iot future, and it has cut through the market like a hot knife through butter.

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