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Sunday, December 25, 2016

5 Best Tips First to Do With a New Android, Tablet, PC, devices.

WOW have you just gotten a new Android Smartphones or a New Tablet or a New PC,
iPad, iPhone devices?
Then there are some few things you need to know..

1.Know  How does your Device work;
This is supposed to be the first thing to do. Learn how you device works. Before buying any Smartphone tablets or Pc you must know the features you can search for the model on any search engine and learn more about the features.
You have to learn how to make calls, send messages, type slow then fast and then
learn how to visit your settings, know what and what is in there.

#2. Download Trustworthy Apps;
Yes, you need applications to keep your phone moving, to keep your PC going. Visit
a PC expert to move and copy files to your PC. Or vist any software stores Likewise, android smartphone or you
can still go straight to your playstore.

One of the most obvious things to do with a phone is download some of those apps you've been hearing everyone talk about.
You know about Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,
and all those common apps.

#3. Download Games If Its Needed.
And now this, after downloading applications, the next thing to do is to
download games and yes, interesting ones.
There are some games that improves the brain likewise apps. When you PC, it is not
advisable to download games, so that you won't attract malwares.

Sometimes you just want to have fun. Good news: the Apple Itunes and Google Play
Store is chock with full of games from every genre. Now that you have got games, you are good to go.

#4. Download or Update Your
Antimalware Programs.
This is important, get your Android Smartphone or PC free from Malware by either downloading a new Anti-virus app or getting it installed from a Laptop or
experienced operator. So that, he/she will
not get your PC damaged.
Windows 10 comes with Microsoft's own tool built-in so most PCs are ready to go.
Remember that this is very essential and very important for all new devices.
Including Android Smartphones, iPad,
i Phones. Updating of anti-virus is very crucial as it helps to protect your phone
from Virus.
#5. Install Available Windows Updates

Now, you have to install any available windows updates. Microsoft releases security and non-security updates to Windows on at least a monthly basis, often times more frequently than that! It is especially for PC, but then for Android Smartphones, you actually don't need to update, all you need is to stay online and regularly visit your Store to confirm any update.

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