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Friday, December 30, 2016

How to Use an External Microphone with Skype. Rocking Well.


For those who don't have internal microphone or need one for better outfit.

You can use external microphone for Skype with you getting a good record audio, however, there are far better ways to capture audio. 

A relatively inexpensive external microphone will produce far richer sound without a lot of fuss in setting it up. In fact, Skype
builds the option into its menu settings to give you an experience that's pretty plug-and-play with a few minor tweaks.

1. Open Skype.

2. Open the Settings menu by clicking Skype > Preferences on macOS or the gear icon on Windows.

3. Click the Audio/Video tab on macOS or scroll down to Microphone on Windows.

4. Under the Microphone dropdown (either operating system) select the new microphone you'd
like to use.

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