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Monday, December 19, 2016

Amazin Apps that turn smartphones to TV remote control

The first remote controls for TV came out in 1950s. They were initially connected to a cable, but soon became wireless.

Although the apps offered by TV manufacturers were not the first applications available, these are a safe option. Realizing that mobile phones are today part of the very television experience for users everywhere, manufactures decided to launch specific apps for their own TV sets.

 1.  LG for example launched a App know as LG TV REMOTE for android and ios users.

2.Panasonic launched its app remote for its users to operate easily
      3.Sony did the same for with is media remote.
Others include Samsung and HTC one.
 Unfortunately, most of the applications have their own limitations. Those that do not use adapters or additional devices are only available for specific models and requires a TV sets connected to the internet.

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