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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why Android Phones Are The Most Popular Phones In The World

No 4 reason why android phones are popular in the world will breach the agreement between you and me.

Android smartphones are the most popular phones in the world because Android can be install by any phone manufacturer. This means that instead of having to develop their own OS and try to get developers using their platform they can just leverage what Google has already accomplished with Android. Android has a lot of developers making apps for it.

Therefore customers have a lot of choice and variety whereas on a different OS (I.e. Windows 10 for mobile) there are less apps, choice, and variety because of the lack of developer interest so there are not many customers interested in the platform.

But without customers they can't gain developer interest.
Android was developed early on enough to gain a lot of momentum in the beginning stages of true smartphones.

Android is more popular than iOS (the second biggest mobile OS) worldwide because the phones running it are generally cheaper and more affordable.

Android is also a great OS. If it was junk, it wouldn't matter how cheap it was, someone else would come around and make something just as cheap but better.

There are many other reasons why someone might choose Android over IOS (and vice versa), but in my opinion, the reasons stated above are the ones why Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world right now.

This are the following reason why an Android phone are popular in the world.

1. Android is free

Android, since the day it was launched, has been available free of cost and Google made it clear that it will be free in futures well.
The OS caught the attention of manufacturers across the world and many initially adopted it for low cost smartphones.

Seeing the huge response of the buyers to the Android-based phones, many equipment manufacturers joined the league and more are joining every day.

Therefore the free nature of this operating system help in reducing cost thereby helping buyers too.

2.Open source Android

Unlike other operating systems that are protected by lots of copyrights, Google chose to keep Android open for all.
By doing this, the company got many programmers from around the globe to develop applications, while keeping its liabilities to a minimum.

With many brains working on the system, newer and newer ideas were incorporated, which in turn helped in making Android a one preferred choice.

3.Open for accusation

Unlike Windows or any other mobile operating system, device manufacturers are free to modify Android as their needs. Users enjoy much needed flexibility and ease of use because manufacturers are now able to modify anything and everything they need to make the experience a pleasant one.

4.Large number of applications

Android Market created an opportunity for millions of application developers around the globe to show their skills and come up
with newer applications for Android phones.

Its users therefore have a wide variety of applications to choose from and can customise their phones for a personal experience.

Android opened numerous possibilities for both device manufacturers and application developers, while helping to reduce the cost of smartphones, thus making them accessible to the common man.

In conclusion, Android has taken user experience to the next level while keeping the prices of smartphones well within the range of a common man, and that is why Android has become the number one choice among smartphone users and became popular.

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