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Monday, December 26, 2016

Whatsapp Tricks You Need To Know. No 1 seems Impossible

Whatsapp which was recently acquired by Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best instant messaging apps out there, Whatsapp app can be found in almost all phones.

simply because of its fast message delivery feature which makes it a better alternative to native SMS. This is why most smartphone users prefer this app to any other, recently, Whatsapp went from being just an instant message platform to a fun place that you really have to be in order to escape boredom most times, with the group feature.

which allows you and 200+ other users from within and outside the country text and send media files to each other.

This are the Whatsapp tricks that I will share with you.

1. Use Whatsapp without phone number.

I am sure many of you do not have the slightest idea on how  this can be possible in any way. you can run Whatsapp on your smartphone without having to use your mobile number for verification.

follow the steps below :

*Download and install Whatsapp.

*Put on flight mode.

*Open Whatsapp and fill in your number. The app will ask you to choose an alternative verification method once it is denied internet access.

*Select verify through message and input your email address in the provided box. Click on the send button and cancel almost immediately. 
*Download Spoof text message[Android Users] &
Fake-a-message[Iphone Users].

*Copy the message in your outbox[keep it on your clipboard, you will need it in the next step].

*Compose a message to +447900347295, put
your full mobile number including the country code in the box provided in from of "From" then put your email address as the message. You will receive a text message almost immediately.

Trick 2 : Read your friends Whatsapp messages without them knowing.

It is now very much possible to read your friends conversations on whatsapp without them knowing, the old method of doing this is to
stealthily take their phones and lock ourselves in a room with it but that will surely raise their suspicion, this new method will teach you how to access their messages directly from your own smartphone.

*Locate Whatsapp folder on your friend's smartphone, navigate to the database folder. By going to your file manager then search for whatsapp folder.

*Send all files having .crypt extension to your own smartphone via bluetooth or Xender.
*Return your friend's phone before he/she notice its missing. 

Download any text editor from your phone's app store.
Access the transferred files via the text editor you just downloaded.

*Congratulations! You just gained access to your friend's conversations.

Trick 3 : Change your friend's profile picture [Prank].

This trick will not change the affected person's profile picture on all their contacts phone, it will only be changed on yours. This trick is only useful if you want to prank/troll your friends.

*Find any picture that will annoy/make your friend angry.

*Resize the image to Whatsapp's standard DP size i.e. 561x561 pixels using Paint or image resizer.

*Rename the image file to your friend's Whatsapp number i.e.
Use your friend's whatsapp number to save the image you want to use.

*Move the file to the Profile Pictures section under the whatsapp folder on your storage. On your file manager.

*Disable your mobile data in order not to make whatsapp change the image.

*Open Whatsapp, navigate to your friend's DP and show him his new DP.

Trick 4 : Create a fake conversation/chat.

Once in a while, we come across hilarious whatsapp conversations online, some of them are real while some were only created to make you have a good laugh. I am going to introduce you to the brain behind all these type of screenshots, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "WhatSaid!" This app can be used to create Whatsapp conversations that you can use to prank your friends - Download app at your play store.

This app doesn't need much explanation, just open the app and start creating your own Whatsapp memes but please do not use this app
for scamming purposes.

Trick 5 : Hide two pictures in one.

You all know all these kind of images that they broadcast, I mean the ones that will have a sexy picture as the preview image and all you get to see when you download the picture is a disgusting picture.

Well, check below for the trick behind it.

*Download and run Magiapp[Android Users] & FhumpApp [Iphone Users].

*Upload the real image you want to send to the left box, then upload the camouflage image on the right box.

*After the second step, click on the option with the shiny magic wand.

*The pictures will be infused into each other and you can then send it to your friends in order to prank them.

I hope you find these Whatsapp tricks interesting
enough to share with your friends. Enjoy!!!!!

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